WebIF Not Responding on 3 HDRs and a HD Simultaneously

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Surely this can't be a coincidence? Never seen anything like this before:

I can't access the WebIF on any of my active boxes, yet none of them have crashed and they can all see each other's file shares. Neither are they responding to Telnet. I tried rebooting the router in case that was playing silly buggers.

I am tempted to reboot one of them, but I don't want to destroy any evidence (not that I can see any way to investigate). I can use them for what I want to do for the moment.

Update: I realised the common factor between all four units is that they are on the HomePlug network. It doesn't make much sense, because surely the router mediates all the point-to-point traffic, but I decided to swap the HomePlug unit connected to the router with one of the other units... and now it's all working again.

Oh, that's interesting - it doesn't. As an experiment I disconnected the router from its HomePlug, and the HomePlug network carried on regardless as a network in its own right*. So, somehow, it had got into a state where everything was fine on the HomePlug sub-network, but nothing was going in or out to the wider network and swapping the units kicked it back into life (as, presumably, rebooting the router HomePlug would also have achieved). Of course, my PC and my iPad connect to the router by WiFi, and could not see into the HomePlug network to connect to the HDRs (and HD) for WebIF or Telnet.


* The HD/HDR-FOXes are set to Configure IP = Manual rather than DHCP, as per Configuring IP Address (click), so the network could keep going without a router to allocate addresses at boot time.
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Ow! It's done it again, cured by rebooting the router's HomePlug (which is now a different one). I suppose it might be getting a bit hot where I had it, but that does not explain why this has only occurred recently.
Have you got a new appliance in the house?
Have the homeplugs or router had an update recently?
This is happening more and more frequently. The particular HomePlug (they are Devolo) that is connected to the router drops its Ethernet link (until I reboot it), but the HomePlug network itself keeps running. I've swapped the units around, and in the mean time I have (coincidentally) switched routers (I now have a BT HomeHub).

There's always something!!!
That's interesting: I have been having to reset the Devolo connected to the router on a regular basis. Today I didn't bother because I've been busy with stuff, and the relevant light was out (which corresponds with when the service is down), and now it's back with no intervention from me.
Probably not related but since changing ISP and broadband router a month or so ago the HDRs have been very flaky in connecting to the network. Presumably router related (I have a suspicion but tests don't seem to support it :confused: )