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[webif] Web Interface version 1.2.1 released


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Version 1.2.1 has now been released. Here are the changes from 1.2.0.

1.2.1 (05/02/2015)

  • Show lightning flash for recordings marked as failed in some way;
  • Show recording status in pop-up recording information dialogue;
  • Media eject drop-down now allows for rescanning of unmounted disks;
  • New log file, record.log, which logs completed recordings;
  • New CLI command - version;
  • New network settings module to allow configuration of Ethernet and Wi-Fi parameters;
  • Displays warning at top of screen if CFW version < 3.00.
  • Several code fixes and clean-ups for Jim 0.76;
  • Fix problem with restoring scheduled events from some channels in some regions;
  • Fix internal hexdump function;
  • Fix for identification of local MUXs in channel diagnostic screen.
  • Settings screen restructured to use modular approach;
  • Update Jim to 0.76.

Many people contributed to the changes and fixes in this version so thanks to
BlackHole, Ezra Pound, GrahamCobb, MontysEvilTwin, prpr, raydon
(and anyone else I've missed!)


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On the EPG search page, would it be possible to have an option that just returned matches on HD channels?
Although, I'm not quite sure how you identify such a channel - the DVB-T2 muxes. are not exclusively HD as they can have SD services on them. Searching the name for a trailing " HD" feels a bit clunky.

Black Hole

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How does the Humax identify HiDef services for the pre-defined "HDTV" group? Maybe the info could be extracted from there.


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/mod/webif/html/play/play.jim is missing a "footer" command.
/mod/webif/html/epg/list.jim generates a page with two lots of footers.
My Safari 5.1.1 under OS 10.6 is now borked: the WebIF now only partially shows the first of many scheduled events and no recordings are shown when browsing.

Edit: um, no. Apparently I'm running WebIF 1.2.0-6 (and CF 3.00).


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The USB eject button is not working for me since the update. Just get "Scanning Media..."

Tried two boxes, 3 browsers on two different o/s.

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Ezra Pound

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Just a quick comment, I needed to clear the browser cache before the new schedule screen was displayed properly, so if you are not getting the alternating green and cream rows or the list is in the wrong order, try clearing your browser cache
It should look like this :-

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I like the new look, but has the width changed? It makes the font appear very small, especially on tablets.

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