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Webif Youtube download fails

Dave Ell

I have had the error below both before and after updating the package to the latest available version. I had done a few successful downloads before yesterday which is when this first happened.
Any suggestions?
Youtube download error 2018-11-22_16-12-53.jpg

Black Hole

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I got that recently too, and dismissed it thinking my process options were malformed. It would not surprise me if the "-" in the URL was causing a problem.
I found exactly the same and assumed I had made a silly error.

Previously I had left "Process options" blank, leaving Youtube-dl to choose the best available format.
Now the default download fails but seems to work provided a "Process option" [-f plus the desired format code] is set.

Dave Ell

Thanks to you both. I put "-f mp4" into Process Options and it worked. Then, to test Black Hole's hypothesis, I found a URL without a "-" and that worked without any options. So kudos to Black Hole and thanks again.


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It doesn't cope properly if you omit options - something changed changed in the parsing with the latest update
I need to get around to fixing the qtube package to cope

Just put an option such as -v into the Process options field


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There may also be a problem with the Jim TCL invocation of youtube-dl when queued by qtube. If, as may happen, the extractor produces a warning message, it seems to be treated as an error and to cause the download to fail. I found that I had to add the --no-warnings option, whereas the same URL downloaded fine from the command-line.


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The example in post #1 works fine from the command line. Over to MymsMan.
It also works fine via youtubeDGL 0.4 on a Windows PC. Here's the command generated if that helps.
youtube-dl.exe --newline -i --restrict-filenames -o "M:\SharedMedia\Youtube\%(title)s.%(ext)s" -f mp4 --ignore-config --hls-prefer-native "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv1-_7ZvTbk"