Weird behavior relating to ARC with lg tv


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Have the 2000t hooked up via hdmi to my lg 650t in the living room. Also have an Xbox 360, a chromecast and a Maxwell 252 soundstage, which uses arc from the lg to play sound from all the devices.

The maxell fails to switch on automatically when the hummy is connected, leaving me with tinny tv sound! When the hummy is unplugged, all is good!

Could the hummy be interfering with the hdmi control protocol which the maxell uses to power on? Anyone else experienced similar behavior?

I've tried changing the hdmi the hummy is plugged into, same thing happens. I'm going to try unplugging other devices to see if this helps. I know the chromecast uses the same protocol as the maxell but that seems unaffected by all this...

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I got excited when I saw that my Samsung TV had ARC, but sadly it was hit and miss whether or not it worked. I only needed it when listening to the TV's built in tuners, so I went back to using a single optical cable. All other equipment apart from a Chromecast is connected to the amp.

One thing is that the ARC feature on my TV is limited to HDMI2: the amp (speakers in your case) has to be connected to HDMI2. Is there a similar restriction on your LG?

Otherwise I have no advice.

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Yes. Hdmi 1 is the ARC port. Humax response? Turn CEC off. Thanks, humax.

I don't think the Humax engineers ever fully got to grips with HDMI, did they? They have form, from their first use of it, for causing problems with other equipment.

I have CEC switched off on my TV and amp. Yes, thank you very much, Humax!