Weird problems with Foxsat HDR Box

Nine days ago, the box was fine. Since then, when I go to the diagnostics menu when i'm on certain channels, I can get Strength 90% and quality 70% on Tuner 1 and, for some reason, Strength 100% and quality 70% on Tuner 2.

If i go to any of these channels ..

150/151 - Travel Channel/+1
162 - Blaze TV
250 - Front Runner
304/305 - Movies4Men/+1
306 - Talking Pictures
505 - Vintage TV
506 - Hear TV
507 - Capital TV
516 - Keep it Country

The signal completely drops out. If i go to the diagnostic menu, it's literally 0% on everything. If I go back to any of the other channels, everything is fine.

I've checked the dish outside and there's nothing on the LNB - I even gave it a gentle wipe down with a duster to be on the safe side. I've unplugged and re-plugged in the two cables, but it still does it.

I've got the custom firmware installed, so i've tried to force a rebuild of the channels database by deleting (and backing up) the channels.db file and rebooting. That didn't work. I've tried replugging the cables into their opposite sockets and rebooting, that didn't work.

I've also gone to /opt/channels/ and renamed both of the fcl files to backups to force them to be rebuilt as well and that didn't work either.

I've even done a factory reset and that didn't work.

The only think I can think of to really try is to remove the custom firmware and do another factory reset unless anyone has any ideas please ?