Weird series behaviour


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This is happening on an Aura and I never experienced it in many years of FOX use, but then again I don't think the situation has occurred (to us) before, so it might happen with other boxes. Hence posting in the Freeview section. (If it turns out to be an exclusively Aura thing we can move the thread.)

The rest of the family have been watching many of the Bond ... James Bond films lately. These have been set as single recordings each time either on Itv1 or Itv2 but the box usually offers a series which I declined. That's been working but recently two films (Quantum of solace and Skyfall) seemed not to have recorded, which I put down to last minute schedule changes. Of the recent films No time to Die and Spectre have recorded.

Now the wierdness. My daughter noticed that the Spectre entry was labelled "3 episodes" and on opening the entry there are three 2-3 hourish programmes. They aren't labelled other than the recording date but using the i button reveals that they are Spectre and the two missing films, which are all Itv1 HD. (No time to Die was an Itv2 one which was a split recording that has it's own entry.)

So the box seems to have decided to incorporate programmes into a series even though it was told to record each one separately. Feature, bug? I don't know, but this is really a heads up to anyone wondering why something hasn't recorded. It may just have been buried.
That's very odd, and I'd call it a bug. You ask for individual recordings and you get them packaged like a series link. WTF!
Can't say I've seen that on a 2000T or 5000T. An annoying "feature" is a series link that keeps changing its name. ie. A series of films "hidden" under the title of the latest one. (Split recordings and things preceded by New: also p me off, but that's down to the broadcasters)
This is definitely not anything to do with Freeview, so I suspect it is just the Aura.
I suspect it is just the Aura
Me too, but I didn't want to call it in case I was wrong. If someone with an earlier box has done similar recordings without this happening it would tend to confirm is an Aura thing.
If someone with an earlier box has done similar recordings without this happening it would tend to confirm is an Aura
Unfortunately I only recorded "No time to Die" out of the last batch of Bond, so I can neither confirm or deny.
I have all the 007 reboot on BluRay... and no intention of watching No Time To Die again – it's too depressing.