What are the files in the Humax ?


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Please excuse this if asked before (newby).
I have just got a Humax HDR Fox T2 and have installed the custom firmware 2.17.
I can see the four files made in each recording and can download them to my PC using FTP.
They are .hmt .nts .thm and .ts
I know the .TS file is the video but I want to end up with an MP4 (or an AVI) to burn to a dvd.
I can Decrypt them, but may I ask, what are other people doing with these files and what are they all, and what software are people using.
The 'other' files are sometimes referred to a sidecar files, they are used by the Humax to hold things like thumbnail pictures for the recording and bookmarks generated by the Humax, if these files are copied to another Humax they will be used to allow better navigation while playing the recording. The sidecar files are not required when producing an MP4 / DVD (MP2) file. It is possible to use the Web-If to Extract to MP4 feature while the file is still on the Humax and also carry out editing using the Nicesplice package. A list of 'off-box' packages can be found HERE
I know the .TS file is the video but I want to end up with an MP4 (or an AVI) to burn to a dvd.
If you wish to burn a standard DVD playable in any DVD player, you will need to end up with MP2 video. This will be created for you by the DVD authoring program in the process of exporting to DVD. When I use Serif MoviePlus to create a DVD, I use the WebIF OPT+ tools to convert to MP4 first, as I am more successful importing this to Serif, but other video editors may be happy to import the (decrypted) TS.

There are a number of existing discussions on this subject, see INDEX.. Miscellaneous.. Video File Support & Manipulation.. Editing & Burning.