What can I watch for free on Skyplayer

I have just installed the custom portal xtra1, created an account with skyplayer, I can login on my HDR FOX T2 ok, but I cannot watch anything.

What can I watch for free on Skyplayer ?


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Just the demo channel I think. For anything else you need a subscription.
Thanks for your prompt reply af123, I was under the illusion that the custom portal somehow gave us free access to skyplayer, daft I know, but I just thought what if ...

So now I know why I could not get past the "I HAVE DONE THIS" on one of the skyplayer screens, thanks for the heads up.


If you have a friend or family member, check their package. If they have multiroom they can also have 2 internet connected devices registered. Im lucky enough to use my brothers account details for the price of an odd pimt :)


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Thats right you just need a Sky TV Account. To see movies or sports you also need to pay for them also naturally.