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What To Do with a Dead or Unwanted HDR-FOX, HD-FOX, or DTR-T1000

Black Hole

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We have seen several mentions of people binning units they considered broken and useless, or superseded by a new model, when they might have been repairable or useful as sources of spare parts for repairing other units, or just sold on. I can understand why this is - some people have limited storage space and/or no room in their lives for "clutter", and/or no realisation that others might value what is of no value to them, or think it's too much hassle listing it on eBay.

Well, please don't bin it! Particularly because of our ability to run custom firmware on the HD- and HDR-FOX, there is a large community of users who value their 'FOXes beyond replacing with another model when broken, and would be far more interested in repairing if possible - if spare parts can be salvaged from other broken units. I expect there are also plenty of takers if a working unit can be assembled from several non-working ones, or if an unwanted working unit became available.

With regard to the DTR-T1000: I am told this shares common parts with the HDR-FOX except for the motherboard. Thus a dead HDR-FOX could be a source of parts for it... or more particularly a DTR-T1000 would be valuable as a source of spares for HDR-FOX (no custom firmware for DTR-T1000, so the "user attachment" is lower).

If you find yourself with an HD-FOX, HDR-FOX, or DTR-T1000 that is unwanted, in need of a spare part, or available as a source of spare parts, please post the details here and we can suggest the options for repair or disposal. Further plans can crystallise as and when units are offered.
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I have my old triallist BT Youview DTR-T1000 which failed with suspected blown caps in the PSU if anyone wants it for spares / repair.


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Same here actually - I'm keeping the front panel for spares but the rest is available..


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May I suggest that this appeal should also apply to the DTR-T1000 as, other than the main PCB, it's the same as the HDR-Fox.
The PSU for the older version of the HDR-FOX T2s is also different, PW1003 v PW808 and to quote MET
The connectors are different, one has eight wires, the other six. The PW1003 board only outputs 12V, the other board supplies both 12V and 5.8V. The PW1003 PSU is used in both the DTR-T1000 and the HDR-FOX T2 'RE' version.


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May I suggest that this appeal should also apply to the DTR-T1000 as, other than the main PCB, it's the same as the HDR-Fox.
It looks likes its compatible with the RE version only though which I thought was much less common than the original version ? I was looking at current listings on eBay last night and every box I looked at with rear photos has a vertical tuner arrangement. THIS one has some internal shots and the power supply is the PW1003 as expected...
Black Hole

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Those photos don't look identical to the original version HDR-FOX PSU, from which I conclude it is indeed the new version PSU (as per post 6).

ETW has dropboxed me some photos of the RE internals, which I will use to update the commissioning thread.