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Ezra Pound

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FVP400T-mocha.jpg 4000Ts-rear.jpg

  • Humax Freeview Play HD FVP-4000T PVR
  • 3 Tuners (record 4 channels and watch a fifth over 3 MUXs)
  • 7 day catchup on BBC iPlayer, ITV, 4oD, and Demand 5
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • USB at side and rear
  • Nand Flash 512MB
  • Optical SP-DIF audio output
  • Fast Ethernet (100 BaseT)
  • Remote control apps for out of home recording
  • Predicted price : £200 for 500GB and £230 for 1TB
  • Low Voltage DC input (external Mains adapter)
  • Dimensions : 280mm x 48mm x 200mm WHD
  • Weight : 1.03kg
  • Choice of 2 colours Cappuccino (top view) and Mocha (below)
  • Availability : Unknown (Soon?)
Links to Reviews etc.

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more to follow . . .
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My "Like" is not a comment on the 4000T's physical appearance...

Is that a stitched leather lid??


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NO. It's a kitchen hotplate. Stupid place to put the controls though. (either as a FV or a hotplate)
Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound

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I used to work with this stuff, but as far as I can remember we only ever referred to it as 100BaseT for the physical level, with the following 'X', '4', '2' etc. being used as a protocol description, however, it has been a while
Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound

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I see Argos are jumping the gun as usual, the 4000T is in their new catalogue and available in August, but don't expect to be purchasing one in the next 3 days as the item isn't on their website yet and there aren't any in stock


The catalogue also says the 4000T is a dual recorder, which is very misleading as it has a 3 + 1 tuner / recorder
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I imagine that, as usual, all they have done is update a description for an earlier product for the new machine, and the description has just rolled over.


Any ideas of the wireless standard? 802.11g/n or will this have 802.11ac? All the spec sheets i have seen online just say 'wireless built in'.


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I have not seen it confirmed one way or the other but I would be surprised if its the latter.


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The FVP-4000T 500 GB is listed as in stock on Amazon by Hughes Direct and on checking their own website (hughes.co.uk) is also available from Hughes stores. I plan to go and view tomorrow.