which version is my hummy? .20, .32. 12?


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Just installed latest custom from wiki/Firmware_Downloads

There are three, but I dont know which one to use. I plumbed for 12, ie


Seems quite buggy and flakey, pressed pause got me a black screen and buttons dont respond now.

Maybe im using the wrong one - i used 12.

I am based in UK.

Perhaps I should get a stock firmware? Thanks mucho.
There isn't a "wrong one".

You do need to understand the differences between the various revisions of the standard Humax firmware though. The custom firmware does not interfere with the day-to-day running of the 'FOX, so whatever problems you are having with the standard user interface is down to your machine and the Humax code.

When you get SUI problems, it's worth doing a Restore Factory Defaults operation from Menu >> Settings >> Installation, just don't take the format HDD option unless you don't mind losing your recordings.

More info: Things Every... (click) section 1; Steps for Resolving HDR-FOX Crash/Reboot Issues (click).
I see. the thing is, it started misbehaving when I did the last firmware update ( I think).
Anyway, did as you said, "factory". Selected "media" to see my recordings, machine hanging now with "processing", so still unusable (Im sorry I did say buggy and flakey, but really its unusable after clicking a few buttons, changing channels, EPG, media, etc.

But that's for another thread. OK so all firmwares are near enough identical then, thanks very much, @blackhole
No, all the firmwares are not identical. They each have their own set of compromises, which is why custom firmware builds are provided for the three most usable Humax firmwares. The custom firmware revision is the 3.03 bit, the standard firmwares to which it is added are 1.02.20, 1.02.32, or 1.03.12. Read up the differences in the reference I provided - although only 1.03.12 is now iPlayer and YouTube capable, it also comes with defects in the form of very slow response to EPG navigation.

Once you are sure which version of firmware you want to go for, any misbehaviour which is not inherent in the firmware can then be straightened out using the fault resolution process I also referred to.

Don't allow coincidence to cloud your judgement. Just because the problems seemed to start when you reflashed your box, it does not prove they were causally related. You also need to consider that the handset might be misbehaving too.