WiFi problem


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My WiFi connection has failed. It gets used regularly for Iplayer and PC connection.
I have been using an Edimax EW7711USN, and now, on booting, a light in it comes on and stays on steadily.
When checking system status, there is a greyed out option to configure WiFi, which I take to indicate that no valid interface is being offered.
Are there any sensible options to try before getting a new WiFi stick?
I think some of the more recent offerings have changed chipsets, which don't work with the HDR-T2 - has any one experience of one which does work, and which can allow me to use an aerial extension (as does my current one)
It sounds like the dongle has broken. There is a comprehensive discussion about appropriate WiFi dongles on the wiki and also in the relevant topic.
Thanks for the replies.I was already aware of the two, but it seemed that here was some problem with updated devices using different chipsets, so I hoped for more up-to-date comment. I put in a temporary AP for the box,to get me working
Avoid Edimax unless you can find a seller with old stock. The only EW-7711 model widely available still is the UAN but this is now on version 2 which uses a different chipset. The best dongle still easy to source is the Tenda W311U+. They are available from couple of different sellers on Amazon for £11-12.