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Will an HDR-FOX T2 read an external drive that has a port that is both USB2 & USB3?

to max a humax

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Will a Humax HDR-FOX T2 read an external drive that has a port that is both USB2 & USB3?

We are looking to use an external USB drive - a Freecom Tough Drive 3.0 - that has this dual-option port.

It has a 2TB capacity, so should read OK as our other external drives:
Seagate Expansion​
Toshiba Canvio Basics​
all have a 2TB capacity. But they all have a USB2 port only, so the Freecom Tough Drive - with its dual port facility - would be a new venture.

The MPN is 56331. The manufacturer Freecom cite the product at:

The spec. states "USB 3.0 for super fast data transfer – also connects to USB 2.0" so it should be readable, but as we know, 'should' does NOT always mean 'does'!
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Yes. In this example the "should" means that either if it does not work then it is either the indivdual drive that is at fault or there is a different fault that iscausing the issue.
E.g. for the latter, they can't garauntee that it woud work on a faulty USB port.

Also, USB3 drives work fine and me, including one whose manufacturer's USB2 power consumption rating is close to the USB 2 limit.