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I'm not asking for help, just recording an occurrence...

Earlier this evening HDR1 became sluggish (downright slow) responding to remote button presses - it seemed to stack them up somehow and take many seconds to respond to each one, but was responding nonetheless. I rebooted it and things seemed to be normal again.

Later on I was watching something timeshifted by a few minutes, everything was normal until suddenly the screen went black "the channel is scrambled or not available". Pressed stop, and the live programme continued fine. Now pressing pause falls back to "live broadcast", and skip back gets "scrambled".

Now the remote is not producing any response at all, immediately after I tried power off (and yet the live TV is still running so it hasn't crashed). No response to front panel either.

Hard boot...

OK, it's running again and timeshift works. A recording which appeared to have been made (ring was red) entirely during the wonky period is listed in Media as 31 minutes but has a zero byte .ts file. Another recording which was in progress before the wonkiness has terminated early and shows the actual recorded time in the media list (bugger, I was trying to catch Foyle's War from the beginning - I only discovered the latest series).

I think I'm overdue a bit of disk doctoring.


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I've seen the non-responsiveness recently on my box after startup. It actually kept the volume bar on screen and stacked the commands like yours. A few minutes (!) later, it all kicked back in.
I put it down to an installed package doing something or my hdd being dodgy.. But didn't investigate further.

My hdd is getting quite bad, so it was probably that. 2012 reallocated sectors on my 500gb hdd so far.. That's bad right? Lol