Yet another new software release for Aura


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"Apps updated:

Freeview - version 59
Freeview Live TV - version 95
Aura Media Server - version 31

Release note:

• Wake up from deep standby issue workaround
• Picture freezing when going into advert breaks
• Live transcoding bug on untuned channels after rescanning the channel list
• Incorrect focus change in Search
• Inaccurate seek result in timeshift and chase play
• Google Chromecast keeps disconnecting
• Duplicated item display when importing recordings via FTP
• Wrong aspect ratio of PIP on Guide when Live is 4:3 but recording playback is 16:9.
• Update the current timeshift position in paused state when the timeshift buffer is full.
• A timezone related crash issue
• A crash case of finishing the channel scan
• An EPG parsing error
• An issue getting IPv6 address
• More crashes and exceptions in Freeview tv and Freeview tvinput and Aura media server apps."

I continue to be impressed by how much effort Humax are putting into the Aura software.