YouTube - search result differences


I had been given the name of a particular file on You Tube and among hundreds I was able to find it via a computer.

However, I wanted to save the file so searched the name using the CF YouTube. I was unable to find it.

I so wanted to save the file as this was a 70 year anniversary, that I actually scrolled through a very big list.

Should there be a difference in the search results?

The file name was: Katyn Massacre ENG SUB

The url I was given was:
I'm surprised they don't mention YouTube.

Using the CF method is so convenient compared with using a computer with additional software and then hoping the file when transferred will play via the TV or Humax.

I'm wondering if there is a hidden url input in the CF. That would sort out the differences.
There is definitely a difference between the content available on smart TVs and content available via computer - I have found and reported this before. It could be due to the format the content was uploaded in.
Reply from YT:

"Thanks for your post. Not all YT content is available across every platform so that is likely the issue."