YouTube videos not playing


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Within the last week or so YouTube has stopped working for me.

Any video selected says "cannot support this video due to invalid file format"

I know it was working a week or so ago as I'd tested some Christmas music / videos for a party tonight.

Now nothing. Tried a number of videos all with the same result. Makes no difference if it is via the standard humax portal or the new custom portal.

I've got autoupdate of packages turned on so my suspicion is an update somewhere has changed something but not sure where/what unless YouTube has changed format?

Anyone got any ideas?

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Web interface version: 1.0.18-3
Custom firmware version: 2.19 (build 1815)
Humax Version: 1.03.06 (kernel HDR_1.02.29)

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There have been a number of recent reports that YouTube videos will not play via the Humax TV Portal. I checked a few days ago, and it seemed to be working OK, but when I tried later the same day, I was getting the error message.

I have just tried it now, and it is working again.
After successfully watching a 30 minute video, I made a cup of tea and sat down to watch another video. Trying to select another video caused the box to reboot, and now YouTube seems to be broken again.
Updated to latest Firmware this morning and now able to view videos on YouTube.

May just be coincidence given Brian's experience could kick myself for not testing before the update.

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Now it's broke again!

Same behaviour as Brian above. Successfully playing a video for 45 mins. Stopped it and when I've tried to play again I get the error message with the same video (and all others now).

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After your earlier message, I tried again and managed to play two 20 minute videos before getting the error message. :(
Rebooting the humax box has no effect. Rebooted and still get the message.

When it fails it seems to fail consistently on all videos for a time.

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I have got a much better way of playing YouTube videos, I can use the YouTube app on my Samsung TV, and have paired my iPad to it. This lets me search for videos on the iPad, then play them on the TV. You can select multiple videos and add them to a play list, then use the iPad as a remote control, or even do something else with it whilst your videos are playing.:)