Youview app to be no more ?


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I cant remember where I saw the message but it said something along the lines of the YV smartphone app will be shortly discontinued ?

Is this right ?

Would be a real shame if it was as I've on occasion found it useful to be able to browse the guide and set up recordings when away from home


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It looks like unless you're a BT TV customer then that's it after March 31

A shame. I don't suppose Humax will be releasing their own app ? One of the reasons for buying the box in the first place was that I didn't want to be tied to a pay-TV contract

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It has little to do with Humax. YouView is an organisation which contracted out manufacture of appropriate devices and mandated their user interface.


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I don't suppose Humax will be releasing their own app ?
The continued lack of new Humax branded models for sale, other from low ranked sellers, suggests that Humax have lost interest in the production of the DTR-T2000. Unless Humax intend to get back into the market of Humax branded retail youview recorders they have no logical business reason for financing their own app.
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