YouView DTR T2100 will no longer record anything


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I noticed that scheduled recordings had stopped transferring across from the app, then that all scheduled programmes had gone from the list on the box, and also that even the pressing the Record button had no effect (although the blue light on the remote does come on).

I've used Maintenance Mode to do a "software reset" and "Factory reset (keep recordings)".

Anything else I can try other than total factory reset and delete all the recordings?
Depends what the problem actually is. Can you play existing recordings?

If the problem is to do with the file system, perhaps going read-only (it happens), the only thing you can do in situ is reformat the drive – either through the menus (if there is such an option) or with the factory reset. Alternatively you could try removing the HDD for examination on a PC (Linux or a Linux live boot).
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