Zeroconf service advertisement for webif - path borked


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I have the mdns package installed.
The mdns service advertises the root path on the humax as /webif e.g.

That results in a 404.
However the web interface works fine via http://humax.local./

Can the path be corrected?

It might also be nice to label the service as 'hostname - web interface' as 'Web interface' is too generic on network with many services or several boxes.

The following makes examining zeroconf records easy on a Mac… Bonjour Browser -


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Try zeroconf 1.5-2



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I seem to be having a problem with zeroconf.

I have two HDR T2:
One with hostname humax500 the other with humax1TB.

Both have zeroconf installed on 1.03.12/2.22/1.0.10-1.
Both on same network, Ethernet connected.

If it enter humax500.local in iPad Safari it connects to webif on the humax500.
Entering humax1TB.local gets nowhere.

Both work fine when accessed using their IP address.

Any ideas?

I have restarted the humax1TB several times (complete close down) and run fix-flash-packages.


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See the link I posted earlier for ways to examine the bonjour records on a Mac. On iOS i use iNet or Discovery to see if the records point to the right IP's & ports.

Compare the working to the non-working. I guess iOS could be caching (it shouldn't hold on to it for long), so reboot that too.

Report any differences here.


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Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac. My PC is Win7.
Anyway I'm not sure what I need to do to find the info you are referring to.
I assume you are using a tool on the Mac to see what is being "broadcast" for the humax.


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PC's will have a tool for viewing zeroconf a.k.a. bonjour records too, search if you want to look at records on a computer.

The iOS apps I mentioned will also show the records.
Get this… (I don't have iOS 7 around at the moment so I can't walkthrough
Use the network scanner to scan the network, when complete tap each of the Humax's & view the Bonjour services…
Are they similar?
Do the IP's look correct for each machine?
Are they showing the same services advertised?

Try connecting directly to each of the Humax's via the IP address in the browser. Does that work?

I have one bonjour entry for my Humax…

Service name: Humax Fox T2 (HOSTNAME) Web interface
Service type: WWW HTML over HTTP
DNS-SD name: _http._tcp
Host: HOSTNAME.local
Host Addresses: IP:Ad:dr:ss
Port: 80
TXT Data: path = /

Bonjour records are merely records that are broadcast across the local network, devices then use them to configure connections. The bonjour broadcast doesn't usually cross subnets, so you may need to tell us if the devices are on different routers/ networks/ bridged wifi etc.


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Inet says neither have any bonjour services (see picture at end of text)

The network has 3 routers, the main router (RTR1/ handles ADSL, DHCP, etc.
The other two are set up as routers for wifi access around the house, they all use the same SSID but on well spaced channels.

Set up is RTR1 <- RTR2 <- RTR3
Humax500 is attached to RTR3, Humax1TB to RTR2 all by Ethernet.
I am connected (wifi) to RTR1.

As stated I can get Humax500.local (which is on furthest router, networkwise).
The situation is the same when I wifi in via RTR2 and RTR3.
LAN is set up as with DHCP (RTR1) set to

IP addresses of humax are fixed (from RTR1) to & 53.



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Forgot to say, they are both accessible by there IP address.
Humax1TB shows ports 21, 23, 53, 80, 139
Humax500 shows ports 23, 53, 80, 139

But these ports appear and disappear somewhat randomly each time I port scan.

I just rescanned humax500 and 21 appeared.

EDIT: I should have said, both Hummies were accessible using the ".local. Route in the recent past (couple of weeks ago, or so).


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I don't know what changed recently with the zeroconf package, my 1.5-2 version seems to advertise the web interface to the same network. Is it possible that the network setup changed (updates etc)?

You have a lot going on in terms of networking.

Are you seeing any other bonjour services across these routers? Other devices will use bonjour if you enable certain services (like file sharing, printer sharing, iTunes sharing will advertise via bonjour). The bonjour browser section of iNet will show all services, can you can see the services you expect (My Humax is under http)? Can you move devices around to see if a particular router is stopping the broadcasts to other routers. Is it possible to put a Humax directly onto the router running wifi?
If you can see the service you know that the issue is networking - if there is still no service the Humax could be the fault.

Sorry I'm not sure what the best course of action is, I'd remove & reinstall zeroconf for the sake of it :^)

I'd also ssh or telnet into the humax & look for the mdns process…
ps aux | grep mdnsd
root 664 0.0 0.3 2000 408 ? S<l Mar22 0:01 /mod/sbin/mdnsd
root 3528 0.0 0.2 1344 340 pts/0 S<+ 23:17 0:00 grep mdns
The first line shows it's running at least.


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Thanks for your help so far paranoidandroid.

Bonjour service is showing up for wifi printer, and AirPrint working fine.

Have connected to wifi via RTR2, the one the rogue humax is attached to, and still does not pick it up.

Network hasn't change for ages, but I would say that wouldn't I!

Will follow up on your other suggestions later today.

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For what it's worth, I have not found zeroconf to be useful. I created an index web page of links to the hard IP addresses of my machines, but it could also be achieved by entries in the local hosts file or a local DNS server.


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BH, I know it's not really a big deal. It's just as easy to use the IP address, since it's fixed.
I just like to understand why a facility suddenly stops working (and only on one machine - both are supposed to be in same software state).

Thanks for your suggestion though.


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paranoidandroid, I've looked into the humax for mdns.
The result looks similar to yours:

Menu version 1.07
Enter system PIN: ****
      |  T E L N E T  M E N U  |
  [ Humax HDR-Fox T2 (humax1TB) 1.03.12/2.22 ]
    1 - Restart into maintenance mode.
    2 - Remove web interface password.
stat - Show what the box is currently doing.
    x - Exit and close connection.
diag - Run a diagnostic.
  cli - System command line (advanced users).
Please select option: cli
Now starting a system command prompt. You can make this the default by
enabling 'Expert mode telnet server' on the web interface settings page.
Humax HDR-Fox T2 (humax1TB) 1.03.12/2.22
To return to the menu, type: exit
humax1TB# ps aux | grep mdnsd
root      1175  0.0  0.3  2000  408 ?        SNl  13:37  0:00 /mod/sbin/mdnsd
root      1499  0.0  0.2  1344  340 pts/0    SN+  13:38  0:00 grep mdnsd

The results on the working humax are more or less identical:

humax500# ps aux | grep mdnsd
root 1077 0.0 0.3 2000 408 ? SNl 13:47 0:00 /mod/sbin/mdnsd
root 1414 0.0 0.2 1344 340 pts/0 SN+ 13:48 0:00 grep mdnsd

I'm going to uninstall and reinstall zeroconf now - to see what happens.


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Removed zeroconf.
Reinstalled zeroconf.
Humax1tb.local still fails.
Humax1tb.local still fails.

By the way this box fails to connect with "humax1tb.local" regardless of whether the other box (humax500) is turned on or off. So I doubt that it is any interaction between them.


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Interesting observation.
Where is the hostname stored.
In webif I have set it to "humax1TB", when I look in etc/hostname it says "HUMAX".
Is this significant?

By the way humax.local fails to connect as well so it may be that I'm looking in the wrong place.