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EPG not populating fully

Discussion in 'PVR-9300 Freeview Recorder' started by Mark X, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Mark X New Member

    Does anyone know why the EPG is usually populated for a full week for BBC channels but only a couple of days for C4, ITV etc. My box is properly tuned (manually).
  2. MartinLiddle Super Moderator

    Which transmitter are you receiving from?
  3. Luke Active Member

    In May 2012 the same issue started to effect Topfield boxes where those Topfield boxes' owners had not installed one of a specific set of epg taps to store epg data. The cause was that the Topfield native epg table can only hold 14000 and it was in May 2012 that this limit was first breached. Most of the epg taps create their own table to store the epg and these continued to be fully populated.

    Since the end of 2012 there have been reports of the 9200T and 9300T being correctly tuned but having gaps in the epg.

    Manually retuning to only 4 of the 5 main muxes and the epg will be fully populated. Tuning in the 5th mux and then the gaps start to appear again.
    It certainly looks like there is also a limit for the 9200T, 9300T and 9150T. I use one of my 9200T every week but fortunately for me I only use it to record radio and so it does not need all 5 SD muxes to record what I want and it populates what I am tuned into fully.

    I've got a 9300T which I plugged in a fortnight ago and tuned to the 5 main SD muxes. It usually took to the next day for the epg to settle down. I got 3 days fully populated, most of the final day populated, but with lots of gaps in-between apart from the channels from the mux I was watching. I then retuned to just 4 muxes leaving out PSB2 because that probably has the smallest number of channels and the epg populated fully and it only took 20 minutes - OK not as good as some other recorders I've got which take 5 minutes but still a lot better than the previouse day's tuning took to reach its limit.

    Deleting individual channels does not make any difference, the whole mux has to be removed or not tuned into in the first place. Neither does deleting individual channels before saving a manual tuning help.
  4. Mark X New Member

    Ridge Hill
  5. Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    Shortly after turning on your Humax try watching one channel from each MUX for say 1 Minute, this was needed to fill the EPG for all channels on the Humax 8000T. One channel for each MUX would be say :- BBC1, ITV1, ITV3, Dave and ITV4
  6. MartinLiddle Super Moderator

    So presumably you are tuning to five multiplexes? We don't have the problem of failure to properly populate the EPG (on a 9200T) but some people who do, claim that tuning to only four multiplexes is the solution. Clearly that reduces the number of available channels and which multiplex to drop is a matter of personal preference. Personally I could live without MUX D/ARQ b (multiplex on channel 27 for you I think).
  7. Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    With the 8000T (which I don't use any more) it seemed to only fill the EPG fully for channels you were tuned to so a quick flip around seemed to fill the EPG, however it also suffered from a lack of memory so having a favourites list which cut out all the unwanted channels helped a lot
  8. Luke Active Member

    Would you do me a favour and check you epg for gaps 4 to 6 days ahead on a mux that you havn't tuned into recently?
    How old is your 9200T?

    I was very amazed how quickly it did fully populate with only 4 Sudbury muxs! I don't know why I checked it after 20 minutes but I am glad I did.
    I also have population issues if I fully tune into Crystal Palace instead of Sudbury.
    I have 2 9200Ts and a 9300T and epg gaps is very similar on all of them when tuned identically.
  9. MartinLiddle Super Moderator

    Will do in due course.
    We have two and they are both relatively early models from late 2006.
  10. Mark X New Member

    I am tuning to 5 muxes. I don't know what channels are on what multiplex right now but I can look it up. TBH I am getting fed up with retuning the damn thing as I have had a few "issues" with the PVR in the last few weeks
    (reception problems & corrupted HDD).
  11. Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    Select Sort By Mux >> List HERE for a full list of what each MUX holds

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