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    Remote android set up help

    I think the OP might mean this: I never got that to work - I'm not sure it supports the T2.
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    no youtube with hdr-2000t

    If it were a current product they might issue an update... but when was the last new one sold?
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    no youtube with hdr-2000t

    Actually for downloading BBC content onto your PC (to then transfer to your Hummy) I'd recommend get_iplayer:
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    Any idea what /dev/bcmfpga is?

    Fiddling around with the Hummy in mantenance mode, I notice something that's no doubt ben there right form the start: humax3# ls /dev bcmfpga mtdblock1 nexus_transport sdb4 sdf7 brcm0 mtdblock10 nexus_uart sdb5...
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    Streaming recorded TV from one HDR-FOX T2 to another. How?

    Now, after nearly half a decade I can reveal what the problem was. I had IGMP snooping (unnecessarily) enabled on my BayStack 450-24T ethernet switch. And this can interfere with UPnP. I turned it off and suddenly I could stream between the two boxes. And the problem I was actually trying to...
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    Fixdisk stuck in loop - showing "Illegal block"

    Personally I'd: Run a long (off-line) disk check. That'll tell you if the HD is broken. If it is completely stuffed, well, it's hopefully still under warranty. If it isn't broken Fix any pending sector reallocations, if there are any. Copy all your files off. Reformat Copy them back on again...
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    Subtitles and second audio track

    No, it shouldn't work (AFAIK). The Humax only play the video file - it doesn't look for others. You'll need to merge the audio track and subtitles into the video file to produce one file. I imagine ffmpeg could do it, though I have no experience of this. I suggest you do that on a PC - whilst...
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    No Disk

    Your problems sound a bit like the ones I had a few years ago, here. In short, it could be power supply, hard drive or motherboard - you'll need to use a process of elimination. And the disk is the easiest to try first.
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    CIFS issues (again?)

    It happens - still worth sharing as others may experience it too.
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    Do I need WebIf to benefit from CF?

    All of those things are configured via the WebIF or, if you prefer, could be configured by editing files via the Telnet interface. Both require a network connection. Also, I'm not completely clear how you install packages other than a network connection. That said, if you connect the network...
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    2 humax T2's One in each country

    I'm sure you can. However I suspect you may find Slingbox less hassle than getting the two Humax box solution working. Nevertheless, I'd be very interested in hearing how you get on as one never knows when that sort of capability might come in handy. Personally, if I were to attempt such a...
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    HDR 2000T stopped working

    Get a multimeter too, while you're at it. Household essential.
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    Convert TS files to audio

    As EEPhil says, for this sort of thing, ffmpeg is the tool to use. If you really need MP3 (ie your player can't cope with mp2): ffmpeg -i infile.ts -f mp3 -acodec mp3 -aq 2 -vn outfile.mp3 And if you'd prefer AAC: ffmpeg -i infile.tx -c:a aac -q:a 2 outfile.m4a Putting it all together (in bash...
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    Transfer Recordings To Pc and Second 1800t.

    How about if you rename them and copy them back to the internal drive of the 1800t? Do they then play (despite having been copied off and then on)?
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    Transfer Recordings To Pc and Second 1800t.

    If you copy them onto the USB and try to play them from your first machine, do they then play OK? If so, it suggests that, like the HD recordings, they're getting encrypted. The broadcasters have the option of doing that, but they don't normally do so for SD recordings. But ISTR on the HDR-FOX...