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Recent content by Andy Edgeworth

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    Real Time Scheduling missing...

    Got two Hummys both of which I upgraded to the latest custom firmware yesterday, which worked just fine. But - and there's always a but - I then decided to upgrade all the packages. Did both before I realised the Web Interface had barfed. Decided to leave repairs to today. Started up both...
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    [sweeper] Custom rules to manage recordings

    I must admit, I just set it not to do anything for 6 hours after a recording. Has the advantage that if I record anything, I can watch the same evening. If I don't watch, it will be archived off.
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    Auto Detect Ad Breaks

    I have a thought that if some people(!) are quite happy to manually edit out the ads, perhaps they could upload the cut points to the RS server for us, and save a whole lot of effort (says he, with toungue plugged firmly into cheek!!)
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    [sweeper] Custom rules to manage recordings

    As it takes time to shift recordings to external storage, what would happen if you turned the hummy off mid-transfer?
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    My Humax trys to boot, crashes, trys to boot, crashes...

    Do you have a Twonky Server on your network? - well known problem, I'm afraid. There is a fix - have a search
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    Old sweeper package to file away one-off recordings

    ...yes but they both need to be on... As my NAS is on anyway, I like to use that.
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    Old sweeper package to file away one-off recordings

    Robocopy is really nasty to the Hummy! I use Sweeper to wait until my recordings are over 6 hours old, so hopefully I'm not using the Hummys then. Then I start Robocopy off at 8 am to avoid any problems...
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    Old sweeper package to file away one-off recordings

    I'm in the process of making all my recordings from both my Hummys available on my Windows server. I use Sweeper to move all recordings more than 6 hours old into a My TV folder. Every morning these are then moved (using Robocopy) onto the Server so that all recordings can be viewed on either...
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    copy recordings off the humax

    I use Robocopy - saturates the Hummy's 100Mb/s Ethernet every time!
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    Old sweeper package to file away one-off recordings

    That looks a far better solution! I expect that would be more useful to others as well perhaps wishing to archive recordings. Great stuff.
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    Old sweeper package to file away one-off recordings

    Is it possible to add something like a pseudo variable called %now which would hold the current hour? The idea behind this is that I do not necessarily want my recordings to be Sweeper'd (Swept!!) away until tomorrow, just in case I'm just recording for timeshifting and watching later today. I...
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    Old sweeper package to file away one-off recordings

    What is the difference between the Encrypted and ODEncrypted flags? I want to move all decrypted recordings into a separate folder for offloading onto a server. This means using Sweeper to wait for the auto-decryption to finish, and then moving files into a preset folder ("My TV") ready for my...
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    Old sweeper package to file away one-off recordings

    I have two Humax HDRs, and would like to move all recordings off them onto my Media Server, maintaining the folder structure, so that any show can be watched on either machine without needing to have them both switched on. I have the automount package installed so the basic machinery exists to...
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    network shares automount causes my hdr to crash

    That sorted it!! Reverted back to V 6 and everything came back to life...