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Recent content by dandnsmith

  1. dandnsmith

    Playing back recordings - "scrambled or unavailable"

    I'm confused. My HDR-T2 says it is on webif 1.4.2-16. I cannot see any option to update it. Should I be able to find 1.4.3?
  2. dandnsmith

    SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

    For this sort of problem I have a selection of extension USB leads - some with micro-USB connectors for appropriate ports
  3. dandnsmith

    Hummy.tv sometimes complains that Adblock Plus is active

    I've tried to subscribe a few time, but the paypal connection never completed - latest attempts were yesterday. I've just managed to subscribe successfully - hurrah!
  4. dandnsmith

    Network server fails playing after 8 mins. every time.

    Are the Humax ethernet ports of the type which will not care about whether the connecting cable is twisted or not? I've never run any tests on it.
  5. dandnsmith

    Web IF - Flex view empty

    I have, currently, Webif 1.4.2-8, so that could be it
  6. dandnsmith

    Web IF - Flex view empty

    Looks OK to me using FF56.2.0 ESR with Win7
  7. dandnsmith

    HDR-FOX Hardware: Commissioning, Disassembly, Repair

    Having looked at it again, carefully, I think you did an excellent job - for me a more intense red colouration on the pink arrows would make them stand out better (but thats just for me). I've been coping with this problem for many decades - even to working with electronic parts identified by...
  8. dandnsmith

    Unable to connect to HDR Fox T2 via Telnet or PuTTY

    I had recourse to that guide recently, when changing my HDD. Its very good - the only caveat is that for a certain class of colour blindness (which I have) the comments about pink and blue arrows don't help, but it's easy to work around.
  9. dandnsmith

    Mini picture

    I think I can confirm that you don't need to decrypt to get thumbnail options available.
  10. dandnsmith

    PC Construction

    Thanks for the pointer kev. I feel I tried all that, but something stopped it persisting. I'll make a note and try again
  11. dandnsmith

    PC Construction

    I, too, have had problems with setting a desired resolution for Mint desktop. I got a set of commands which will do it, but it has to be re-done every time the system is rebooted, as the instruction to add a (working) resolution don't persist. The monitor is connected through a KBM switch, and I...
  12. dandnsmith

    Oddities relating to copying files

    I loaded the latest version: Web interface version: 1.4.2-7 Custom firmware version: 3.13 (build 4028) Humax Version: 1.03.12 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.13) Loader Version: a7.31 and the runaway condition still exists. I'd like to know what to try next, but won't be able to action much until a...
  13. dandnsmith

    Oddities relating to copying files

    OK thanks, I'll start with the latest version, and try that.
  14. dandnsmith

    Oddities relating to copying files

    For some time I've had odd happenings when I try to copy recordings via USB to memory stick or HDD. The crunch arrived when I plugged in a stick, tried to copy three recordings, and it took an inordinate amount of time (more than 6 hours. I couldn't 'get in' either by remote control or by webif...