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    The Daily Wail

    Apparently the newer channel, opened 5 years ago, is blocked, but the old channel is still usable - so it should only be the largest vessels cannot get through
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    Coronavirus Lockdown Chat

    Locally , our gp-combination operates in a town hall suite so -if you are mandated to wait after vaccination - you wait in a well ventilated room. As Pfizer recipient I had to wait 15 mins, while, a couple of weeks later my wife was told she could go immediately after an AstroZenica jab (they...
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    Freesat Tune Fails

    That satexpat is new to me - but then its been a few years since I sold up in Spain, and so had no need of it. I would have benefitted greatly from it had it been there at the time of my problems.
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    Freesat Tune Fails

    A while back I had a problem with reception in Spain (Alicante/Cartagena area) which proved to be the satellite box. To analyse this I checked the receivable channels according to lowband/highband, H/V. I got some odd results, so tried twisting the LNB - at this time the satellites I was using...
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    Words we cannot abide.

    My unfavourite is the phrase/question "can you confirm your name/address/...". When I reply 'yes' and wait, there ensues a long silence. My wife hates me doing this!
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    Confusion over recording from different channels at the same time

    I assume that this is from the combinations of High/Low frequency range with Vertical/Horizontal polarisation, but haven't heard it referred to that way
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    A Good Read

    Is a Kindle out of the question - my wife and I have both benefitted from the ability to select the size of 'print' while handicapped by growing cataracts? With the Kindle there is a vast range of literature available (which should be cheaper when VAT is removed later this year)
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    PC Construction

    There are varieties of diffn which may ne of use to spot extra/missing files. I remember battling with grub, quite a few years back, to discover that the vital locators were patched into the boot code, and, at the time limited so that I couldn't use a larger HDD without very careful partitioning...
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    Remote Scheduling for Foxsat-HDR Now Available

    My memory from those days says we use cat on single files rarely, using vi if we wanted to examine a file or pr to get a better presented file content
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    Zero length recordings

    No problem here with Pale Horse (SD, channel 1, Crystal Palace)
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    No signal on tuners 2 and 3

    So, it needs proper checking!
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    Amusing Items

    Perhaps we should avoid all this as the Apostrophe Support Society have announced they are giving up.
  13. dandnsmith Integration

    I've noticed complaints about TVDB on a couple of forum sites, especially Kodi forum, which say problems have been partly fixed, but it is ongoing.
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    Sat > IP Gateways- Possible?

    I don't think that the Humax can deliver the sort of output which TVHeadend can use. I remember thinking along those lines to get a solution in a holiday house, and came to the conclusion that I'd need a satellite tuner which can provice the channels in a form which allows for suitanle...
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    Samba Share create read only account

    I shudder at the 'guest account = root', which could make the whole system wide open to anyone. That web page you quote seems to be a well of bad ideas - I think you could fined better info just from the man pages. I've not looked at the HDR samba stuff to give an informed suggestion for the...