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    FVP-5000. How do I see the Mux ch number?

    If you go to the Manual Channel Search at Channel enter 35 then click down to Transmission, and as it is an HD channel/ mix you are looking foe change it to DVB-T2, you should now see the Strength and Quality of the signal. Now press Search and this should now pick up the TV stations available.
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    software update April 2019

    Only just noticed there was a software update available from 19th April.
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    5000T channel issue

    The True Entertainment channel changed its broadcast frequency a couple of months ago, this means you need to retune the Humax, if you don't know what frequency it is using now just go for a full Auto tune, this will not alter any other channels unless of course some changes have been made in...
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    FVP-5000T no longer able to stream media

    So here we are 3 months in to the ownership of this box and now it refuses to stream movies from my Mac, previously it was doing this without issue. Box is connected to Mac via ethernet cable, box sees the Mac and can navigate to the folder containing the movies but when I select a movie all I...
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    New 5000T Very Hot And Screen Anomaly

    So had a quick check of the settings on the TV. Its a Sony HD TV, so in Display> Video Input Settings> HDMI Dynamic Range set the HDMI 1 from Full to Auto and this has helped minimise the moire effect. Also in Display> Picture> Advanced Settings I set the Black Corrector to Low, and the Advanced...
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    New 5000T Very Hot And Screen Anomaly

    Hi I took back my 5000T and got it replaced with another new one, the first thing I noticed the replacement was made in the EU, I believe the first one was made in China. The replacement runs warm to hot, but nothing like the ferocious heat of the first one, which when I returned it the top...
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    Outer Casing Seemingly Bulging

    Bought my 5000T three weeks ago and have already reported that it is running very hot. Now I am aware of a slight bulge appearing on the top casing on the right hand side of the unit. Can anyone tell me if they have any experience of an overheating unit or noticed if the top casing is bulging...
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    New 5000T Very Hot And Screen Anomaly

    Just bought a new 5000T and the first thing that I notice is that it runs very, very hot, so I was wondering if this was normal. The next observation is when switching between channels and the screen goes dark with the selected channel indicated on the top right of the screen there is a distinct...