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    Is there anyway of installing a codec pack to the hummy

    GOTsent will encode the audio so it's AAC (I believe) leaving the video intact which makes most MKVs work on the Hummy.
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    Is it possible to disable time shifting?

    When you say you extended the hard drive time considerably, what are we talking here? How long (on average)would be expect a time-shift enabled unit to last, I'm wondering if this is something I shoulddisable versus the convenience of having time shift available to me.
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    Hdr fox t 2 - Hard Drive not spinning down ?

    forgot to say, I investigated and this is exactly what was causing my hard drive to not spin down many thanks :-)
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    Hdr fox t 2 - Hard Drive not spinning down ?

    I don't use DLNA but I suffer the same issue of hard drive spinning with the unit not even in half-awake. Doesnt bother me so much any more though, certainly not enough to factory reset the unit. My cat seems to llike the warmth the unit gives off now anyway!
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    Daylight savings bug with redring 2.10

    I too have redring configured to show the clock and it appeared to shift over to BST without intervention from myself, so perhaps not strictly a redring issue but something more specific to your setup (redring uses the network/internet doesn't it?) thanks for the guide, though
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    Unable to schedule programmes currently showing

    Often I'll find myself watching something when I wish to record the entire series, however you'll get the error "Error, cannot record programme which has already started showing or occurred in the past." I understand that the webui can't schedule a recording for a currently showing programme...
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    [webif] Version 0.10.1 Released

    Mmmm I like this :) I wonder if it would be possible to add all scheduled recordings of any single program to the Scheduled Events? For example, at present if I have a series link of I'm A celeb, it'll only show the next event i.e. Wednesday @ 8.30pm but won't show the others (Thurs, Fri...
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    [redring] Show red LED ring when recording in standby + other options...

    I wonder if it would be possible to do something to the 0 - 100 slider bars so it's easier to select the number that you want, at the moment it's very difficult to select the exact number, perhaps make the bar longer or add a text entry box instead?
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    [webif] Version 0.10.0 Released

    Just tried the mobile website IR controller, lol at that, it worked perfectly. Much respect to you, af123.
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    [webif] Version 0.10.0 Released

    that's bloody quality, I actually love you
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    [webif] Version 0.10.0 Released

    I wonder if it would be possible to add some kind of 'next day' button to the EPG, or something similar so it's easier to skip to a desired day rather than clicking 'later'...