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    Assume v. Presume

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    Assume v. Presume

    Cue the Swedish Chemist sketch:
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    Assume v. Presume

    Mitigate or militate against?
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    BBC Series have not scheduled

    More than likely. Got a series recording for the BBC 6 o'clock news but every now and then one of the weekend ones doesn't get recorded even though it's gone out at the scheduled time. Next weekend it's fine. I'll try to remember to check the CRID if it happens again.
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    First ten million years. And the second ten million years, they were the worst too.
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    Depressing, isn't it.
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    FVP5000T - Record button not working but red indicator light registers key depression

    Surprising how few people know about them. I've a Lidl set here dating from 2006 that's used on the four plugged-in lights in the living room. Found them so useful I bought a just-in-case second set that's not been needed and was used by a neighbour when they broke their ankle. As the intended...
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    HB-1000S repairs?

    You can't expect me to read everything.
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    HB-1000S repairs?

    I see the HB-1000S has an external 12V power supply and this would be be the first thing I'd check.
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    Interesting Items...

    Searched on "tokyo flame hydrogen yellow" and it was the fourth result.
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    Interesting Items...

    Been avoiding it all so wasn't aware of this. A bit of research reveals sodium carbonate is sprayed into the flame.
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    Alternating Static and Normal!

    That's odd as 'static' suggests an analogue TV source - could the display be being switched between an analog TV tuner [and] the HD-Fox?
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    Amusing Items

    Do Asda know they're employing a supervillain in their back office? [Edit] It wasn't just one BAHAHA either - it was several.
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    Remote control Replacement

    Appear genuine? They are!