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    New Humax boxes - 'freetime'

    well i got my new freetime box today had a bit of a play and so far it seems really good as i play more i will keep you all updated.
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    Tapatalk Mobile Access

    any news on tapatalk yet Michael:)
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    Re: Moderators do we have anyone from humax on here yet or dont we know
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    FOX T2 Hacking?

    FOX T2 Hacking? I think you will only get humax software any other non official software will make your product null and void of any warranty
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    Re: advertising ive no idea if it would help or not but ive been to every forum i know to advertise this new site so lets hope people keep joining
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    welcome to all forum users

    welcome to all forum users may i welcome all new forum users to this site may it grow and get bigger and lets hope we can get humax to join and support us. :)
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    BBC iPlayer status?

    Re: BBC iPlayer status? as far as i know its still in beta testing stage
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    BBC iPlayer status?

    Re: BBC iPlayer status? im not usre about this one this could be in the new humax tv portal
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    Re: Moderators good choice we seem to be growing everyday with new members joining lets hope we get to 100
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    itv player on freesat

    itv player on freesat to use itv player on freesat follow the instructions below. go to Freesat Information Channel 999. Enter the following sequence of colour keys on your remote: Green Green Blue Green Green then press red to enter itv player via you freesat box this will only work for...
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    Re: advertising i agree we need to grow this site as big as we can so if anyone has contact with humax or bob cat get them to register here as it would be good for them aswell as us haveing humax support
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    advertising If any one had website please advertise this site on there please
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    Using more than 1 Humax box in the same room

    Re: Using more than 1 Humax box in the same room this is a very good piece of information thanks for posting it here i have now made this topic a sticky
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    Forum topics

    Forum topics Yes that will be fine that would also be helpful we could maybe make that a sticky post
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    My 9200T Experience

    My 9200T Experience I have sent messages to humax to try and get them to join this site to give input. I have been a human supporter from day one and hope the keep making great products.