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itv player on freesat

Discussion in 'FOXSAT-HDR Freesat Recorder' started by gathercole77, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. gathercole77

    gathercole77 Super Moderator Staff Member

    itv player on freesat

    to use itv player on freesat follow the instructions below.

    go to Freesat Information Channel 999.

    Enter the following sequence of colour keys on your remote:


    then press red to enter itv player via you freesat box this will only work for humax freesat boxes.
  2. Re: itv player on freesat

    Well done that man; it works.
  3. GSD

    GSD New Member

    Re: itv player on freesat

    Does this mean that you can view ITV Player using a Humax Freesat HDR box only or does this need to be connected to a broadband enabled computer? If you only need the Freesat HDR box can this also be used to view BBC IPlayer as well? Many thanks, GSD.

    PS: I'm absolutely delighted that this website has been set up to replace the original Hummy website and would like to thank all those responsible for this.
  4. grahamlthompson

    grahamlthompson Well-Known Member

    Re: itv player on freesat

    The hdr has to be connected to a broadband router either hard wired using cat5/cat6 cable or a pair of homeplug adaptors can be used to make the connection using the mains wiring. A PC is not required although of course having a router would mean that normally one or more PC's would be present.
  5. GSD

    GSD New Member

    Re: itv player on freesat

    Thanks very much for this but I'm afraid that the cable run from the router to the Humax box would be too long to be practical so it looks like it will have to be the homeplug adaptors. However as I've absolutely no experience with these I would be very grateful if you could explain what they are and what I would have to do to make the connection between the Humax box and the router using the mains wiring.

    If it helps the router I have is a BT Home Hub 2. This is connected to my PC via an ethernet cable but it also has a wireless facility. In the circumstances would it be possible to connect the hub and the Humax box in this way?

    With many thanks, GSD.
  6. grahamlthompson

    grahamlthompson Well-Known Member

    Re: itv player on freesat

    Homeplug adaptors (best to go for the 200mbps version although the slower ones may work) consist of two units. One plugs into a socket by the hdr and the other by the router one connects to the hdr with a RJ45 patch lead and the other to a socket on the router . In both cases try and use a socket rather than an extention lead. That's all that's needed they are pretty much plug and go.

    There are some which also provide wireless capability but the direct wired connection is usually much more reliable

    Example (A google search will find loads more)
  7. Re: itv player on freesat

    I use the 85 mps home plugs to connect my Humax Foxsat HDR and BT Home Hub 2 together. I also have a third in the second storey of my house were there is a desk top PC and that works just as well (I got a 'pass through' variant for that one). Both the HDR and the PC work faultlessly and they are a simple plug in and play. The desk top shows an internet connection speed of ~8.5 mps which is the same as my wireless laptop so for me the 85 mps are all I need.
  8. grahamlthompson

    grahamlthompson Well-Known Member

    Re: itv player on freesat

    The connection speed will vary sometimes quite dramatically depending on the electrical installation. If you can guarantee both units are on the same ring main so don't have to transfer data through the consumer unit then 85 mps should be fine. If they happen to be on different ring mains then the faster ones may work more reliably though from your description you may be on different ring mains. It would be interesting to know.
  9. Re: itv player on freesat

    The downstairs and upstairs are on different ring mains.
  10. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    Re: itv player on freesat

    they may not be on different ringmains, rule of thumb for every 100sq. mtr of floor area 1 ringmain, wired in 2.5mm t&e. however you could have loop cct, wired in 4mm t&e, then it would be 50sq mtr floor area

    the best way to check, is to look at your consumer unit (fuse box), 3 X 30amp or 3 x 32amp, would more than likely indicate you have two socket ccts in your house

    2 x 30amp or 2 x 32amp, would indicate only one socket cct

    would still recommend homeplug however many socket ccts you have
  11. nick clay

    nick clay New Member

    Hi, this is really helpful. Before I try it though, does it permanently reconfigure the red button? Atm I'm getting BBC iPlayer faultlessly via my red button and I don't want to mess that up. Also, is there a similar trick to get 4oD? Atm I can get the website via my networked Hummy, but none of the play-video links are active. Would be grateful for any assistance.
  12. Michael

    Michael Founder

    It won't do anything, you need to do this sequence every time you want to run ITV Player via Channel 999 until it is out of beta.

    4oD is currently not available via freesat.

  13. Robinhood

    Robinhood New Member

    Another possible, easy and cheap way of connecting is to use a wireless adapter in station mode.

    I use an Edimax EW-7206APg on my FoxsatHD quite successfully. Not much over £20.

    A trifle fiddly to configure, but it works well, and has the advantage of acting as a wireless repeater/range extender at the same time.

    Once configured, it simply attaches to the ethernet port of the Hummy, and acts as a wireless adapter.
  14. derbyed

    derbyed New Member

    Can you explain how you got the Edimax to work please as I have just purchased an Edimax EW=7711UAn but the hamax isn't picking my network up >>> complete dummie here so please fully explain Thanks in advance
  15. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    You have purchased a USB WiFi dongle; the post you have responded to is describing a device that works as a network bridge and is plugged into the network port not into a USB port.
  16. Robinhood

    Robinhood New Member

    I should probably have been a little more correct in my terminology, but the clues are all there in the post.

    What you appear to have purchased is a PCI wireless adapter for your PC?

    (Edit - Martin is quite correct - I misread one digit of the model number - you have a USB dongle (which makes a little more sense, but it still won't work))

    To connect the Humax box to the network, you need a wireless access point which can function in station mode to connect to the ethernet port of your Humax box (the Humax box will then think it is connected to a wired network, and configuring the wireless access point to talk to your router completes the job)

    Whilst I'm sure there are other makes of device, the Edimax EW-7206APg will function exactly as above (and do other things as well), is still available for around £20, and is still working entirely satisfactorily for me for Iplayer use (on the higher quality setting) from a router situated in an adjacent room. There are now also a number of Edimax "wireless N" boxes which function similarly for not much more.

    Unless I'm interpreting your post incorrectly, I don't think you're going to achieve anything with the kit you have.
  17. derbyed

    derbyed New Member

    Thanks for the reply robinhood & Martin ..what happened was I was looking to see if you could connect the Humax to a wireless dongle.. and I read (Albeit in the wrong forum ie Humax freeview posts) where people were saying which wifi dongles worked on the humax..... And several stated that the Edimax EVV-771UAn was a good choice and would work ok.... so to save £19 and not buy from Humax I got the Edimax for £10 but like I said when I tried to connect it up my foxsat didn't pick my router up ... The edimax connects up through a USB connection
  18. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    But Humax don't list a wireless dongle for the FOXSAT. I fear you are out of luck. Options are a wireless bridge or Humeplug devices.
  19. Martin

    Martin Member

    I use the Edimax EW-7209APG as a wireless access point for my home network, originally needed as the location of my ADSL router will not provide a usable wifi signal in the rest of the house (Old house, thick walls!) The Edimax is on the same rack as the Humax which is an ideal position to give me wifi access where I need it, and also connect the wired devices including the Humax.
    The Edimax is simple to configure, mine was working in under 10 minutes, and when I first connected the Humax it just configured itself and worked first time.
    I have the Edimax wired back to the router via the network cabling I already had, but it would work wirelessly in station mode if the signal was there. Another benefit of the Edimax is 4 more wired network sockets for other devices, I already have my Iomega iConnect and 2 network drives plugged in!
    Forget the homeplugs, spend a little more and do it right :)
  20. obvious

    obvious New Member

    Hi all :)

    Any reason an EW-7228APn shouldn't work? I'm thinking of buying one.