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    Have you actually had Putty working when configured to use SSH or just FTP ?
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    Running out of ideas. 1) Try disabling your PC firewall. 2) Try an alternative ssh client such as Putty (download link -
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    After installing dropbear did you make sure it is actually running. You can check its status via the web interface under service management.
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    Not sure why it's not working for you. Maybe there is a clue in the following post from af123
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    Try wikipedia
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    whoops, let's try again The settings for SSH are PortNumber: 22 Protocol: SCP username: root password: humax The username and password you are using are for FTP.
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    C4 HD - WatchMan -dodgy sound ?

    Def Ch4 at fault and would happen if recorded or live. Hopefully they will improve in the future (don't hold your breath though)
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    I am using WinSCP and connect using the following settings PortNumber: 22 Protocol: SCP username: root password: humax [EDIT] corrected password
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    YouTube not working?

    Ditto for me. Youtube made some changes to their website on Tues/Weds that broke some 3rd party applications. Looks like it has also broke the Humax app. Guess we will have to wait for Humax update the Portal.
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    XMBC - Linux

    XBMC also requires a decent 3D graphcis chipset which the Humax is unlikely to have
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    Playing ts files on Ubuntu.

    VLC should play the files OK on Ubuntu. I see from another post that you have installed the custom firmware and I assume that you have installed auto-unprotect ? Are you using FTP to transfer the files ? (FTP will not unencrypt the files as they are copied over to the PC) What happens if you...
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    Manually removing ENC Flag

    Auto-unprotect can only be installed if you are running af123's custom hdf firmware. If you're already running custom firmware then it can be installed via the web interface.
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    HDR-Fox T2 500GB > 1TB Hard drive replacement.

    Try this link
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    Newbie looking at getting HDR-FOX t2

    If you install custom firmware it is possible to watch both HD & SD recordings from a Laptop but you have to decrypt the HD programmes first. The following guides may point you in the right direction.
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    Foxy - An HD recording backup utility for the HDR-Fox T2 now released !

    It also happened to me. Can't remember what I eventually did to download it though