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    Auto HD decryption

    It's not an issue with overheating the CPU, it's an issue with stability. When I was running unencrypt with the original setting, I found that my box wasn't acting quite as it should after a couple of days and that behaviour seemed to clear up when I set it to only run overnight. At the time, I...
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    Logitech wireless keyboard..

    'c' means it's a character device.
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    Remove a package

    Is webif disabled for a reason? I'd have thought that most people would have used webif to install these packages, so the logical thing to do would be to use webif to uninstall the packages, which is fine unless webif is broken. Have you got any form of command line access to your HDR-T2? This...
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    .ts files unplayable

    You need to run "unencryptsetup" to install the crontab entry. It defaults to decrypting all the files, but you can give it a specific directory if you want to experiment.
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    Automating rsync backups

    Nice work Placemat :) I haven't read the full thread, but do bear in mind that cron jobs can fail if they produce error output while running. The magic incantation ' 2>&1' on the end of the crontab line (you can see it in the examples in the Wiki) solves that. In Linux, writing to the error...
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    Networking Idea

    Since when have HomePlugs been illegal? Some variants of the technology (not all mains transceivers are HomePlug) don't comply with standards and Radio Hams loathe them with a vengeance, but I'm not sure that they are strictly illegal. You're certainly not going to get the Police coming in and...
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    [progbackup] Backing everything up

    Unencrypt processes programmes in the media server database and simply matches the search directory against the location of each file as returned by a dump of programmes out of the database. If you have My Video->Archive->Prog1, My Video->Archive->ADirectory->Prog2 and My...
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    [progbackup] Backing everything up

    Glad it's working. The script should already back up subdirectories, is it broken for you?
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    [progbackup] Backing everything up

    I've just uploaded a new version to the repository, it should be available in an hour or so - look for progbackup version 0.2b.1. One tip - just because the script tells you info about drives, you don't actually have to use the ones that it lists and just type '/media/usb-drive1' when it asks...
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    [progbackup] Backing everything up

    Thanks for the feedback - I've never had any of my usb drives mount like that. When I'm next doing some tweaking, I'll update the script to grep for those disks as well. I guess that, now NTFS has reared its head, I'd better check that drives aren't mounted read only as well.
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    Content sharing

    Content sharing doesn't disable itself, but it can crash - I think that's what the "turn itself off" reference is. If the content sharing is enabled but isn't there, rebooting the box or restarting the humaxtv process should cure that.
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    Unencrypt is not unencrypting

    That's good news, there's no problem with unencrypt itself, just getting it scheduled.
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    Unencrypt is not unencrypting

    Hopefully it is that simple, let me know how you get on. If you want it to run during the day as well, use the editor in the webif diagnostics to edit the crontab line to say: 1,31 * * * * /mod/sbin/unencrypt "/mnt/hd2" > /mod/tmp/unencrypt.log 2>&1 Note the "1-6" is changed to "*" After...
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    Unencrypt is not unencrypting

    That's a good point Ezra - I need a message in the installation instructions telling people to leave it on overnight. I'm still confused why this is happening, though >>> Contents of /mod/tmp/unencrypt.log 26.00 bytes -/bin/sh: 1,31: not found
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    Unencrypt is not unencrypting

    Drat, I meant to ask you to run /mod/sbin/unencrypt "/mnt/hd2" Please run that command instead. To record the output from PuTTY, right-click on the title bar of the window and select "Copy All to Clipboard". You can then paste the results into notepad or similar for editing and then pasting in...