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    Two FoxT2s playing through the same TV displaying differently

    I said in a recent thread that jack616 taking 78 days to reply to a post might be a record. We might have a new leader with BH taking 571 days :lol::lol::lol:
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    USB GPT drives - current status ?

    So must taking 78 days to reply to a post :lol:
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    Another Convert... maybe

    I bought 2 AVI to HDMI converters with a 720/1080 switch on the side from Ebay, neither work as all but 1 of my TVs just puts up a message about unsupported resolution, on the one that I get a picture it is 4:3 and says resolution is 640 x 400. I still have the 1st CTV I ever bought, still...
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    disk errors, next steps?

    From the Seagate ST3500312CS product manual The product will achieve an Annualized Failure Rate (AFR) of 0.55% when operated in an environment of ambient air temperatures of 25°C. Operation at temperatures outside the specifications in Section 2.9 may increase the product AFR. AFR is a...
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    Hacking the on-board Encryption Chip...?

    I would have thought that the encryption key is more likely to be based on the serial number/security system contained within the main processor.
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    Power issues

    Agree with MartinLiddle and Black Hole The trouble is that people who quote things as facts sometimes do so incorrectly. Then get upset/throw the toys out of the pram when corrected and given advice/asked for further information in good faith. We have given hazfiend true factual information...
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    Power issues

    Confused information, the HDR Fox T2 was never shipped new with a 2TB HDD. Out of interest to test the power supply capability on my machine I connected a 500GB Seagate and a 1TB WD via a SATA power splitter and both powered up without any problems. I alternated the data cable between drives...
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    HDR Fox T2 Wireless Dongle

    For information. I have 2 running CF 3.13 /1.03.12 and neither will connect on channels 1-4 Using different makes of dongle. One connected to front USB socket other to rear
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    Remote not controlling PVR properly (not batteries)

    I did not know that. I do not have money to throw away, so can only afford ancient models (S4) when the price has dropped :eek: :o_O: :roflmao: Edit to add: You can buy an IR emitter that plugs into the 3.5mm jack. Cost £0.99
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    Remote not controlling PVR properly (not batteries)

    If you have a.... (don't know why I bothered!!
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    Network Setting Flipped from Manual to DHCP

    One for the books.:) BH asks a question that is answered in a previous detailed post made by....... BH :roflmao::roflmao: Senior moment?
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    Random reset

    I had this happen to me over a year ago and doing the Factory Default cured it until last week when it happened again. This time it was doing a timed recording and I was bringing it to full awake mode, so I pressed the remote standby button and left it until the end of the recording. I then...
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    [CFW 3.11] Customised Firmware v3.11 released.

    Thanks MymsMan. I reset the DLNA database and that fixed it, everything now OK. :thumbsup:
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    VLC plugin stopped working

    Just rechecked and I am running the ESR version of Firefox :oops: :whistling:
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    [CFW 3.11] Customised Firmware v3.11 released.

    I have just updated to 3.11. I now cannot play files via the WebIF, on checking I found in the media details that the DLNA URL was totally wrong. I checked the network settings and all entries except the SSID were blank. I have filled in all the details, saved and done a reboot but although the...