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    Time line

    I find this box more clumsy that the 9200t for basic usage. 1) Does anyone know how I can display the time while rewinding or forwarding, its a messy job trying to find a particular spot. 2) also is there a way to mark a spot for future re-viewing .
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    9200T replacement

    Thanks to all, can the FOX-HDR T2 record 2 programs at same time (over lapping) as the 9200T used to. ALSO regards the disc size, can you replace smaller hdd with larger as I did with 9200T. the difference in buying price or 500Gb and 1Tb is a lot more that disc prices.
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    9200T replacement

    Well my 9200T is dead! long live the HUMAX But I'm way behind on technolgy and terms. My question is, what should I get to replace it. I have a HD ready LG TV so 1) I would like HD freeview if its not too expensive. 2) I want 2 channel tuning with its usual benefits 3) I would like it to be...