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    Xmas Already!

    With supermarket shelves already lacking some items and warnings of possible shortages of toys and turkey at Christmas its little wonder they are cashing in now before the panic buying fools strip the shelves of anything with a Santa, reindeer or snowman on the packaging.
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    Xmas Already!

    🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅
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    Smart meters, less smart companies

    Has anyone else been on a comparison site to check the cheapest tariff for their gas and electric recently? If not have a look and you will be shocked, the cheapest fixed deal for me was £98 per month compared to the £43 per month I pay now. The great deal EDF gave when they took over Green...
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    unable to delete recorded programs

    Have you tried to delete each episode separately or did you just try to delete the whole folder?
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    A Personal Tale of Medical Ethics Etc
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    Have you never seen Sybil?
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    Assume v. Presume

    "All Over is a two-act play written in 1970 by Edward Albee" She played the daughter, a little tenuous I admit.
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    Assume v. Presume

    For the sake of gender equality you should add Sheila to that list. Wearing a mask would have saved him from more than Covid, silly man.
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    Amusing Items Not sure everyone will be amused :)
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    Interesting Items...

    Do you struggle to find a suitable gift for that woke person in your life?
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    Interesting Items...

    On behalf of the Coccinellidae family I demand that the name Ladybird is no longer used, they are not birds and only some are ladies. Spotty coccs would be a far more accurate title.
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    Interesting Items...

    Just a theory, it binds to the paper when its in a fluid form but once dry its adhesive quality is diminished. (re-posted due to me replying to the wrong BH post before :oops:)
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    Interesting Items...

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    Interesting Items...

    You didn't like the nuclear waste batteries but maybe a magnet bigger than Wile Coyote's Acme one will fair better.
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    iOS Privacy Measures – A Step Too Far?

    @BH I never click on it, I click on the customise button and then decline the parts I object to. " How do you think it should be funded?" by those who profit financially from it.