1. B

    Can't stream from PC to 4000T

    Although I seem to remember having to jump through hoops to get it working I was able to watch video from my PC on my TV via the WiFi router. I've had to change the motherboard on the PC and at the same did a clean install of W7 and W10. The data disk with all my video files is unchanged from...
  2. J

    Change WRITE permission on 4000T HDD

    Hi I have the 4000T wirelessly connected to the Humax H3. Software never worked properly, Humax helpline as useful as ever. I use Kodi on the H3 to access my 4000T - Kodi is open source and great to teak the .xml files. Kodi has a function to delete recorded files across a network. I have...
  3. Ineluki

    4000T freezes after recording...

    Twice now, I've had to hard-restart my 4000T when it became unresponsive. It seems to have managed to record, but while it was recording, and afterwards, it was completely unresponsive to the remote or even the buttons on the case. The only thing that would get it back was a power-c
  4. Ineluki

    IoT botnet on 4000T?

    Has anyone heard any rumours about Mirai or other bots infecting the 4000T? I keep getting my IP blocked by the Spamhaus CBL, saying a device on my network is implicated in a botnet. It's mainly on linux devices.. and I remembered someone talking about the 4000 hammering their DSL connection.....