1. S

    Transferring HD recordings from Humax to PC/Decrypting DTCP-IP files to view on PC

    Hi, I have various recordings on my Humax which I would like to view on the PC. I've set up the Humax as a Simba server, which brings up the device on my PC where I can view all of the recordings. From what I gather though, the HD recordings are encrypted, so cannot be played as is. Is there...
  2. Dave F.

    'Back to media list button' disappers when performing decryption.

    Hi When the 'perform decryption' button is pressed the 'Back to media list button' disappers. I'd still like to go back so can it remain? Is there a reason it is removed?
  3. I

    Decrypting High def

    Hi I`m having a head scratching moment.... My goal is to stream by DLNA to my android tablet (or iphone or pc) all my recordings on my HDR-fox t2. So far I have - 1) successfully installed the custom firmware to my humax 2) successfully installed the web-if 3) downloaded the package...
  4. J

    failed to decrypt

    just an advisory I had a box lock up (not respond to front panel or remote) yesterday and because it looked like it was recording I plugged the laptop in instead of just cold booting it. There was a message that a recording had failed to decrypt. I cleared the message (in webif) and the box...
  5. M

    HD .ts file to blu-ray

    Hello, Im trying to get my HD recordings to blu-ray. I've extracted them to my pc, have "foxy"ed them to decrypt. Then used videoredo to cut, snip and edit. Now, I'm at a loss. I'd like to get them to blu-ray format, and burn them on a blank disk so they can be played in a standard blu-ray...