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    DLNA - Aspect ratios for films?

    Hi, I'm using the DLNA client on and HDR 1000 (s?) with serviio on a media loaded laptop and it's working real nice, even got twitch streams working with a plugin. 100% for TV and for Twitch, but films are giving me issues. I've done a lot of googling and I've seen it suggested that this box...
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    Decrypting High def

    Hi I`m having a head scratching moment.... My goal is to stream by DLNA to my android tablet (or iphone or pc) all my recordings on my HDR-fox t2. So far I have - 1) successfully installed the custom firmware to my humax 2) successfully installed the web-if 3) downloaded the package...
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    DLNA display more than just the name

    Hi All, Is there a way, via the normal DLNA server my Humax HDR Fox T2 offers or Mediatomb to display more than just the name (that I presume if from some sort of metadata stored in the file header). For instance I record programs from the radio but when navigating through the Audio section of...
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    Networking Two HDR-FOX T2s

    I have two HDR-FOX T2s which can't see each other. When choosing network storage, they can both see the DLNA server on my Windows 7 PC, and the PC and a couple of iPads can see both Humaxes, and I can ping them both from all devices (both have static addresses). Is this a problem with my...