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I'm using the DLNA client on and HDR 1000 (s?) with serviio on a media loaded laptop and it's working real nice, even got twitch streams working with a plugin. 100% for TV and for Twitch, but films are giving me issues.

I've done a lot of googling and I've seen it suggested that this box can only do 16:9 for media streaming? I almost refuse to believe that, how can such a well implemented DLNA client be so crippled by not recognising aspect ratios? Seems to stretch most of my films so everything is long and thin. I'm not willing to transcode my whole library of films to 16:9 blackbars before that's inevitably suggested. Is there something buried in the settings that I'm missing or some crazy custom firmware update I can flash or anything? Anyone lurking with an amazing Serviio profile for transcoding? I've changed every aspect mode setting I can find but the box seems to totally ignore them when streaming media over DLNA, so this is kind of a last gasp to see if anyone has any bright ideas.
Hi, that would be a good idea if the dlna paid any attention to those settings. Makes absolutely no difference to the displayed picture when streaming media unfortunately :/