external hard drive

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    Unnecessary (?) formatting request during boot sequence

    Hello! New issue from abroad. My STB prompts me to format each of my USB-HDDs in order to use recording on any of them since couple of days ago. I do not believe that it is necessary (plus I really do not want to...) since the contents of each USB-HDD are found and can be played with the STB...
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    Possible reassignment of external HDD

    Hello! THE ACTUAL PROBLEM Yesterday apparent disaster struck. One of the USB HDDs I use seemed to have 1. renamed itself and 2. lost all content. It appears as if my BXR-HD have seemed it appropriate to, when entering the recordings list page of the menu system (named VIDEO in my swedish...
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    Playing ripped DVDs from external HDD Humax HD-Fox T2

    Apologies if this has been covered already (I did try searching). I have an external hard drive which I want to rip my DVDs to, should I be able to connect this to the Humax Fox T2 HD and play the files? If so what format do I need to use for the DVD files? The HDD is currently NTFS. Thanks
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    Can't locate files on external hd

    I've just bought a FVP-4000t and have attached a small external hard drive, which I've formatted from the Humax and then transferred some mp4 files into the recordings folder, but when I switch on my Humax, it can't seem to find any content. I'd be very grateful if anyone has any ideas as to how...