Playing ripped DVDs from external HDD Humax HD-Fox T2

Apologies if this has been covered already (I did try searching). I have an external hard drive which I want to rip my DVDs to, should I be able to connect this to the Humax Fox T2 HD and play the files? If so what format do I need to use for the DVD files? The HDD is currently NTFS.

Sorry for the delay - thanks for the reply, I'd started using Handbrake which seems to be doing a good job of creating MP4s which the Humax seems able to recognise and play just fine. But I will read these links as suggested...


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Stick to MP4, using H264 video and AAC audio and you should be fine. Don't be tempted by MKV - the Hummy is an old lady and MKV is much too new-fangled. If you're using Windows and have a recent Intel processor, try the Intel QSV option under Video and you'll speed up the encoding a LOT. (If it's not there, your kit can't use it.)