file transfers

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    Question about transferring recordings from old HDD to new HDD via PC

    Hi - I'm thinking about replacing a failing HDD in my Humax HDR-Fox T2 with an identical drive (a 1 or 2TB Seagate Pipeline) and have a question about transferring old recordings (almost 1TB-worth) to the new drive. I intend to install the new HDD, let the Humax format it, then remove it...
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    Fitted new HDD to Foxsat HDR

    Hi all, I just replaced the old 320Gb HDD on my trusty old Foxsat HDR with a 1Tb Seagate Pipeline, which was a piece of cake, but how do I install Samba on the new drive so I can access the PVR via my Windows network as previously? Also, is there a simpler way to transfer the files I want to...