Fitted new HDD to Foxsat HDR


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Hi all,

I just replaced the old 320Gb HDD on my trusty old Foxsat HDR with a 1Tb Seagate Pipeline, which was a piece of cake, but how do I install Samba on the new drive so I can access the PVR via my Windows network as previously?

Also, is there a simpler way to transfer the files I want to keep off the old drive onto the new one? It can be done with the remote control and using the 'File Manager' (I put the old drive in a caddy, and plugged it into the front USB port) and copy them that way, but it doesn't seem to want to copy folders containing files, only files which are in the root directory of the drive.

The PVR itself has the most recent version of the custom firmware installed, along with the latest versions of the packages, but I presume some of the latter must be on the hard drive, as I can't see it in Windows anymore, although my Router shows it as being there, and on the same IP as before.

Thanks in advance; sorry if I'm being a pratt!

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You realise there's a sub-section specifically for Foxsat custom firmware discussion? (Update: now been moved)

With regard to custom packages on the new drive, just set it up again the same as you did before.
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