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  1. B

    Fitted new HDD to Foxsat HDR

    Hi all, I just replaced the old 320Gb HDD on my trusty old Foxsat HDR with a 1Tb Seagate Pipeline, which was a piece of cake, but how do I install Samba on the new drive so I can access the PVR via my Windows network as previously? Also, is there a simpler way to transfer the files I want to...
  2. emdubya77

    Samba installation error

    When trying to install samba I get the following message: A force re-install produces a similar message. Samba is supposedly installed and "on" but I am unable to access it through my PC. Any advice please? Thanks in advance
  3. MontysEvilTwin

    SMB shares on Windows 10

    I took the plunge and installed Windows 10 on one of my laptops. I found that the SMB shares on my HDR-FOX units were no longer accessible on the laptop after the upgrade. At first I was worried that it was a problem with the version of Samba on the HDR-FOX. It isn't that, thankfully, but...
  4. Kevin Roche

    File access to my new HDR1100S

    Is it possible to access the files on my new HDR1100S receiver? I see on the forums that on some older boxes you can install samba but I have no idea how I would get access to do that. Anyone out there know how? Is that the best option? The aim is to be able to watch downloaded TV via other...