1. V

    FVP-4000T Powersupply (and possibly remote) needed

    Hi All I managed to pick up an ex-demonstration 1TB FVP-4000T for a bargain price the other day, the only problem with it being that it didn't come with either a remote or power supply. Now, the remote isn't too much of a problem as it'll be being used with a Harmony remote anyway. However...
  2. Howard Woods

    Premature subtitles

    On our hdr-Fox t2, we have subtitles on permanently to help with our failing hearing. There is just one problem with some programmes, notably with replays of old Midsummer Murders! We notice that when we rewind a live play, or run a recording, the subtitles can appear before the actor actually...
  3. C

    Can't locate files on external hd

    I've just bought a FVP-4000t and have attached a small external hard drive, which I've formatted from the Humax and then transferred some mp4 files into the recordings folder, but when I switch on my Humax, it can't seem to find any content. I'd be very grateful if anyone has any ideas as to how...
  4. A

    Channel infomation incorrect when changing channel

    Hi, has anyone else experienced this issue, also are there any updates to fix bugs? Not impressed with this unit at all. Cheers, AD