FVP-4000T Powersupply (and possibly remote) needed

Hi All

I managed to pick up an ex-demonstration 1TB FVP-4000T for a bargain price the other day, the only problem with it being that it didn't come with either a remote or power supply.

Now, the remote isn't too much of a problem as it'll be being used with a Harmony remote anyway. However, the power supply is obviously a little more crucial... :o_O:. I assume I could get hold of a generic power supply that would be suitable to power this humax but I don't really know what I'm looking for . Can anyone given me any info about the power supply from details on their own one, or even point me in the right direction for buying one? (would Humax sell me one direct?)

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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What, exactly, does that mean? Those cylindrical low-voltage DC connectors have more parameters than that (inside diameter, outside diameter, length, polarity).
The centre is the harder part to get right, the outer is less critical as the spring contact usually has quite a bit of travel. I expect there are only a few, if more than one, permutations with 3.3mm pin.
Again with length.
Yes, polarity is important - good point. The socket on the back of the box may indicate if it's pin + or - .


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I did the same thing.

Ebay acadaptors-r-us sent me a power supply with the correct adaptor.

12V 2.5A AC-DC Adaptor for Humax FVP- 4000T 1TB Freeview Play HD TV Recorder

I bought the remote from: ebay highstreet1955 but there are plenty of others. £5 HDMI did the trick.

Well worth it just for the 4 recording channels plus a live channel. Now to try to get the USB and remote access working this weekend.

Good luck.


As luck qwould have it, my mother ended up contacting Humax direct and they kindly sent her out a power supply and remote for nothing! :)