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hard drive

  1. R

    Resurrecting Subtitles after Copy/Move to USB/Hard Drive

    I have a Humax fvp5000t but I hope this should work for older models too. You've Copied or Moved a programme to your USB stick or Hard Drive and some time later you'd like to watch it again with the Subtitles still intact ... do this: 1) Make sure that the programme files are in THE EXACT SAME...
  2. S

    Internal HDD Problem

    Hi. I have a Humax HDR-FOX T2. A couple of years ago I installed the custom firmware (v1.03.12). For some months the humax has had a habbit of hanging once or twice a month requiring me to recycle it from the power switch on the back panel. This week it appeared to completely lose the...
  3. L

    Best HDD (from Amazon?)

    Hi, Can anybody recommend a good 1TB hard drive that I can buy to install into my PVR? I've taken a look at the forums, but a lot of the links are now dead. I understand that I have to get a Video hard drive, rather than a "standard" PC drive, but can anybody recommend one (with a link to...