1. M

    Question about transferring recordings from old HDD to new HDD via PC

    Hi - I'm thinking about replacing a failing HDD in my Humax HDR-Fox T2 with an identical drive (a 1 or 2TB Seagate Pipeline) and have a question about transferring old recordings (almost 1TB-worth) to the new drive. I intend to install the new HDD, let the Humax format it, then remove it...
  2. SiHa

    Swap HDD into replacement box?

    I've been nursing my beloved Hummy for about ten years now. I've replaced the HDD (twice), and the fan. But now I fear it's terminal; The box takes about five attempts to fully turn on, and crashes occasionally. After having replaced all the electrolytic caps on the board, and also the...
  3. Matthew

    Slow initalising HDD results in noext.html too often

    With a 2TB Western Digital Green wd20ead drive installed the start-up in the HDR T2 is a little too slow for the webif, so all to often results in the noext.html page. Could someone please point to where the start-up counter lives and where the noext.html is generated so I can modify to make...
  4. J

    Change WRITE permission on 4000T HDD

    Hi I have the 4000T wirelessly connected to the Humax H3. Software never worked properly, Humax helpline as useful as ever. I use Kodi on the H3 to access my 4000T - Kodi is open source and great to teak the .xml files. Kodi has a function to delete recorded files across a network. I have...
  5. L

    Best HDD (from Amazon?)

    Hi, Can anybody recommend a good 1TB hard drive that I can buy to install into my PVR? I've taken a look at the forums, but a lot of the links are now dead. I understand that I have to get a Video hard drive, rather than a "standard" PC drive, but can anybody recommend one (with a link to...
  6. M

    New 2TB HDD Not Always Recognized On Boot

    Dear all The original 1TB Seagate Pipeline HD in my HDR FOX-T2 started suffering from one bad sector and bad SMART values (eg Disk pending sector count is: 8 and Disk offline sector count is: 8) so I started the process of cloning to a new drive. Since I lately have had quite a few issues with...
  7. B

    Help requested to resurrect dying HDR Fox T2

    I have had this box for ages and it is still my favourite box with respect to the user interface feel and look. Ironically I have recently had my Humax YouView DTR T1010 fail. After much messing around I found out that the Seagate Pipeline HD HDD was broken (it did not work in a Linux box)...