1. Matthew

    Slow initalising HDD results in noext.html too often

    With a 2TB Western Digital Green wd20ead drive installed the start-up in the HDR T2 is a little too slow for the webif, so all to often results in the noext.html page. Could someone please point to where the start-up counter lives and where the noext.html is generated so I can modify to make...
  2. J

    Change WRITE permission on 4000T HDD

    Hi I have the 4000T wirelessly connected to the Humax H3. Software never worked properly, Humax helpline as useful as ever. I use Kodi on the H3 to access my 4000T - Kodi is open source and great to teak the .xml files. Kodi has a function to delete recorded files across a network. I have...
  3. L

    Best HDD (from Amazon?)

    Hi, Can anybody recommend a good 1TB hard drive that I can buy to install into my PVR? I've taken a look at the forums, but a lot of the links are now dead. I understand that I have to get a Video hard drive, rather than a "standard" PC drive, but can anybody recommend one (with a link to...
  4. M

    New 2TB HDD Not Always Recognized On Boot

    Dear all The original 1TB Seagate Pipeline HD in my HDR FOX-T2 started suffering from one bad sector and bad SMART values (eg Disk pending sector count is: 8 and Disk offline sector count is: 8) so I started the process of cloning to a new drive. Since I lately have had quite a few issues with...
  5. B

    Help requested to resurrect dying HDR Fox T2

    I have had this box for ages and it is still my favourite box with respect to the user interface feel and look. Ironically I have recently had my Humax YouView DTR T1010 fail. After much messing around I found out that the Seagate Pipeline HD HDD was broken (it did not work in a Linux box)...