1. Samuel98

    HDR-2000T - stuttering end credits

    Hey, I recently purchased a Humax HDR-200T unit, and after recording a few shows I have noticed that the scrolling credits at the end of recordings - or text in general - are very strange, sort of stuttered. For example, I have attached an image of what happens and how it looks on the credits...
  2. Greatstuff

    USB drive format - NTFS or FAT32?

    While FAT32 works fine, the size of the files is limited. I have an 8Gb drive and it allows me to transfer programmes from the unit (whether SD or HD, the latter after being Foxy'd) However, I have an NTFS-formatted USB drive (64Gb) and while I can transfer recordings to it, they just won't...
  3. Luke

    Converting American wifi adapter to use European channels

    I bought the Netis WF2151 N600 Wireless Dual Band Adapter almost a year ago because I wanted to own a long range wifi adapter, preferably with the RT5572 chipset (which is OK with the HDR-2000T/HDR-1800T). Amazon listing...