hdr-fox t2

  1. AndyS

    YouTube on HDR-FOX T2

    Good afternoon all. This morning YouTube reappeared on my HDR-FOX T2 and appears to be working as it used to! Anyone else got this problem?
  2. 8

    Can't Telnet into HDR-FOX T2

    I'm trying to telnet onto my HDR-Fox T2 software ver.1.03.12 and I'm getting the connection refused message. I can FTP to it and use the media server to connect to my HD-Fox T2. I can Telnet to all the other telnet enabled devices on my network. Any Ideas
  3. R

    NTFS formatted USB stick

    Hi all. I have a 30 gb USB stick formatted as NTFS and it could be read on my HDR. I then had to format the stick to use a different file system. Afterwards, I formatted it back to NTFS and now the Humax cannot read the stick. If I plug in or unplug the stick, it notifies me of this on TV but I...