Can't Telnet into HDR-FOX T2


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I'm trying to telnet onto my HDR-Fox T2 software ver.1.03.12 and I'm getting the connection refused message. I can FTP to it and use the media server to connect to my HD-Fox T2. I can Telnet to all the other telnet enabled devices on my network.
Any Ideas
I am looking to solve an issue between my Human box and my new WDMyCloud NAS drive. My WD device has Twonky 7.3 running on it which causes my Human box to reboot. I want to telnet onto my hummy to reject the connection to my WD box (as suggested in a post on this site).
I've downloaded the custom firmware and added the dnla-filter package. I restarted Twonky 7.3 on my WDMyCloud and it hasn't dropped my hummy yet (it was dropping every 10 minutes). So maybe I don't need telnet access after all :)
(as suggested in a post on this site)
You clearly didn't read enough to realise the dlna-filter facility is provided by installing CF, and in any case the ability to provide packet filtering requires the custom tweaked kernel.